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NEWS from July 2015: The ecomuc CHP takes a time out.

In order to get more power out of our system and improve its reliability we decided to invent an ecomuc-made, innovative, silent and highly efficient motor with an integrated, low-loss and low-cost generator. So we stopped our former CHP-developement with a modified single cylinder engine and a modified standard disc generator, although we got very good results when messuered the electric and thermal output of sometimes even more than 94 % compared with the lower fuel value of natural gas.

In the end the components we modified did not meet our targets concerning quality and price. Now we got the system patended and looking for investors and developement partners for bulding prototypes and first series.

We successfully reduced the consumption of energy in our own buildings for many years. Today we develop smart solutions for reducing the consumption of energy based on our personal experience. 

In the last years we developed a small cogeneration system which can be used in small houses to reduce energy costs and make heating more effective.

After we got some financial support from the government in the first years for development of basic functions, we financed the final development with our own money. In the end we achieved an effectivity of 94% (electric and thermal together) compared to the lower value of natural gas. 

Cause we reduced not only the investment for installing the ecomuc-CHP system, but also the total costs of ownership, the ecomuc CHP-system fits optimal to small houses. And it can be combined with other smart things like heat pumps and solar heating.

After finishing our prototype, we  experienced some problems with the reliability of the small songle cylinder motor, we used. So we decided to develop a special motor for the system which meets all our needs to build a small cogeneration system.

If you are interested in our developement or have any questions, let us know by filling out the following form:

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