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ecomuc opposite piston motor - highly efficient and small-size

The new ecomuc-motor is a patented four-cylinder two-stroke opposite piston motor with a brand new design and combination of movements. It can be used very flexible as highly efficient combustion motor (working with common fuels and even with natural gas) and as Striling enigine (e.g. alpha-type as shown in the videos with the outside red (hot) and blue (cold) pistons. And it provides the most output when it is run as a combination of motor technologies (combustion, hot gas and steam).

Together with the new ecomuc-permanent-magnet electric generator it is an outstanding solution for hybrid cars and for use as range extender in electric vehicles. And it is optimized solution for combined heat and power units.

We expect it to have an electric output of more than 40% and when used only for heating it is possible to get an thermal output of 200%.

The motor is very small, very silent and has very low vibration.

We will be glad to find partners, investors or people who want to produce the system. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us - best using the online contact form.

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Design Bild 9

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